Saturday, February 22, 2014

Christie’s Former Top Political Aide Refuses Subpoena

By Mankine

Former top political aide of Chris Vhristie has blatantly refused a subpoena from the New Jersey Legislature.

In developing news, attorneys for Bill Stepien, former top political aide of outspoken New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, released a statement reiterating why Stepien is adamantly refusing subpoenas from the New Jersey state legislature for his testimony and...


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Michael Vick & Bow Wow Launch Hair Products Company, 'WaveMasterz'

NFL star Michael Vick and rapper Bow Wow have teamed up to launch WaveMasterz, a company that will specialize in hair products.

Vick made the announcement on Monday (February 17).

Cassidy - Surfboard (Drunk In Love G-Mix) Listen/Download

Cassidy cranks out another banger. The Philly emcee gets production from the Dolla Bill Kidz on "Surfboard," a G-Mix of Beyonce's hit song "Drunk In Love."

Download it here: 

Pharrell Williams - G I R L (Album Cover/Release Date/Trailer)

Super producer/singer/rapper Pharrell Williams will release his second solo album entitled GIRL on March 3rd. The project is expected to have ten songs, including the hit record "Happy," which originally appeared on the Despicable Me 2... 

Baltimore Ravens Player Ray Rice Drags His Unconscious Fiancee Out Of Elevator After Their Fight. Suspension Looming? [Video]

Video footage obtained by TMZ heavily suggests that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked his girlfriend, Janay... 

Schoolboy Q Ft. Raekwon - Blind Threats

 Schoolboy Q gifts his fans with the CDQ version of "Blind Threats" featuring Raekwon. This will appear onSchoolboy's forthcoming Oxymoron album. The disc will be released on February 25th. You can pre-order it now on iTunes

Doughboyz Cashout - We Run The City Vol. 4 (Free Mixtape Stream/Download)

Doughboyz Cashout release their fourth volume of their We Run The City mixtape series. This one is 19 solid tracks...

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Only Way You Won't Understand This Video Is If You're Already Too High

By Rollie Williams

Though perhaps exaggerative, this pro-legalization clip makes a few points really well.

Marijuana affects people differently and some people don't feel anything at all, the sale of marijuana generates tax revenue, people use all sorts of legal drugs with more harmful effects without thinking twice about it, and the DEA should stop employing the highly unsafe helicopter-rope-magnifying-glass technique.

For real though - a bit over the top, but so was "Fahrenheit 451." and they MADE me read that nonsense.

This video was created by Blackmustache

You Shouldn't Use The N-Word If You're Not Black. The End. But If You Need An Explanation, Here You Go!

By Laura Willard

It's not a double standard. It's Just not OK. Here's why.

This video is by Franchesca Ramsey, aka Chescaleigh, was found on Token in America.

The Photos Facebook Doesn't Want You To See Are A Whole Lot Better Than The Ones It Does

By Adam Mordecai

If Classic Movies Were Recast With Black People, Would They Still Be Classic?

By Joseph Lamour

It's Been Over 100 Years Since An Artist Has Done This In America. About Time Someone Did It Again.

By Joseph Lamour

More than a century has passed since a photographic journey explored Native Americans with such broad scope and in this amount of detail. In 1906, photographer Edward S. Curtis was commissioned by J.P. Morgan to capture the "disappearing" race.

In 2014, to change perceptions about Native Americans, photographer Matika Wilbur believes we have to update the kind of imagery we're looking at when we think of her race. It's a beautiful - and important - idea.

An Eye-Opener Of A History Lesson On What Republican Presidents Thought About Gun Control

By Joseph Lamour

Pretty Much The Next Jimi Hendrix — Is That Too Subtle For How Talented I Think This Kid Is?

By Joseph Lamour

A Dude Trying To Ban Abortions Is Asked A Question He Never Considered. It's So Obvious It Hurts.

By Rajiv Narayan

The Most Delightful Two And A Half Minutes You'll Have Today Will Happen Right ... Now

By Joseph Lamour

Watching stuff like this just makes me so unabashedly happy. I just love it! Enough to use exclamation points and mean it.

I Never Knew American Health Care Was A Lottery Till I Saw What This Guy Had To Say

By Joseph Lamour

Here Is How An Iranian Woman Captured Pain And Mourning In A Series Of Stunning Photographs

By Rossalyn Warren

The Artist

Tough Situations

The Shot Heard 'Round The World


"Return To Eden" Snippet by Mankine

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Michael Dunn Convicted On 4 of 5 Counts In Jordan Davis Murder Trial, Faces 75 Years In Prison. Jury Deadlocked On 1st-Degree Murder Charge. [Video/Pics]

Michael Dunn will spend the next 75 years in prison after being found guilty of 4 of 5 counts in the murder trial of Jordan Davis. However, the jury could not reach a verdict on the most serious charge of first degree...

This Is A Spiritual Practice Everyone Should Get Behind

By Mischa Nachtigal

What's The Word For When Your Government Does Something That Makes You Want To Vomit?

A Retired Athlete Said The Smartest Thing About Television And Race The Other Day

Hey, so it turns out NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar watches HBO's oft-criticized show "Girls." Here's his forward-thinking point about race and casting in television. Be sure to read his whole article (which I link to below) because it's a fantastic read.

Men: You May Never Be In A Woman's Body, But This Film Puts You There For 65 Seconds

Every once in a while, you'll see a statistic that shocks you out of your seat. This is one of those statistics. 

I know not every man in Egypt is a predator, but this seems like a woefully underreported problem. Take 60 seconds and see what it's like to be a woman in Egypt.

Trigger Warning: Depiction of sexual violence.

Here's the original video, which was made by UN Women

Some Well-Known Musicians Reveal The Top Reasons Why They Make Music

I've always admired musicians, especially because I come from a family full of them. It's cool to hear what makes them tick. And it's really cool that this organization helps them actually profit from doing what they love to do.

Original by American Society of Composers

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ma$e Says He Almost Put Hands On J. Cole, Is The Only Artist Diddy Ever Paid, Talks Relationship With Cam'Ron & New Album [Video]

Ma$e recently stopped by Detroit radio station Hot 107.5 to chop it up with Bijou Star. He spoke on his forthcoming album, the difference between this generation of hip hop and his being the only artist Diddy ever paid, current artists he likes, and almost smacking J. Cole.

Mankine - He Can't

Looking Up To You (Don Coda Superman)